This affects the quality of local transportation reversely both for tourists and local people. Analytical approaches to estimating the effect of transportation investment on economic development started out using cost-benefit analysis. from exhaust of vehicles are a major cause of air pollution. The effects of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) are not just about those who have caught it. Results of the research for 45 destinations in Europe show that tourism creates a demand-increasing effect on the local transportation; however, there is not any supply to meet the demand. Out there a new deadly virus threatens our lives once more. It’s hard to understand the extent of such a threat, for it has the potential to wipe out millions of us, including my family and yours, over a matter of weeks or months. tourism over the local transportation demand and its presentation. Introduction. If there isn't a way to get to the destination, people are simply not going to walk or swim there! European Journal of Social … Although transportation and tourism development are, nevertheless, this paper has tried to demonstrate that the relationship between these two issues is somewhat controversial owing to the many schools of thought that are available. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that tourism generates an indirect contribution to local economies equal to 100 % of direct expenditures. The money spent within the local economy will generate additional economic impacts called the induced effect (Bull, 1992 & Fletcher, 1999). (ii) Water Pollution: Spillage during […] The improvement in transportation modes plus low fares has increased the accessibility of areas once considered off-the-beaten-path. And there's more to it than that. Transportation is critical for the tourism industry. Transportation in the New Millennium 4 turned to production and cost functions as a way to include a wider range of benefits. The main adverse effects of transportation are: Adverse Effects (i) Air pollution: Emissions of pollutants like CO2, NOx, particulate matter etc. The growth and development of tourism depends on transportation to a great extent. Cheuk, Sharon Choy Sheung and Liew, Janie Tsonis and Phang, Grace Ing and Izyanti Awang Razli, (2010) An identification of the effects of the promotion of tourism transportation on the socio-cultural environment: The case of Malaysia. Transportation system of a tourist destination has an impact on the tourism experience which explains how people travel and why they choose different forms of holiday, destination, and transport. More recently, the profession has. Transportation activities support increasing mobility demands for passengers and freight but at the cost of adverse environmental effects.


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