The subwoofer’s phase control is now set perfectly. Phase. This is a full scale signal, so please turn the volume down before starting the test. Set phase to zero if your AVR offers settings for the distance from your seat to your subwoofer. The instructions for its use can be found in the subwoofer operating manuals and Quick Setup Guide. If your subwoofer is on the same plane as your front speakers then set the subwoofer phase switch to 0. Think of long bass waves as conflicting or enhancing each other, depending on the timing of their arrival at your listening location (either together, or not). What this switch does, electrically, is the second easist thing to understand on a subwoofer’s wiring (the easiest is the ‘on/off’ switch). When you play this BLIP Test, the "end result" of the phase of your system, sometimes called absolute polarity, should make the Low Frequency cones move OUTWARD. Sit in the listening position and have a friend rotate the subwoofer’s phase control until you hear the least amount of bass. As carefully outlined in my SUBS white paper, if your sub is 360 degrees (or even … Normal: keeps the polarity (+/-) of the Sub the same relative to the rest of your speakers. This is also a fascinating, superb, and rather severe test to determine the delay time of the subwoofer relative to the rest of your system. Reverse: flips the polarity (-/+) of the Sub relative to the rest of your speakers. This essentially puts the sub 180 degrees out of phase. Subwoofer Phase Switch: Normal vs Reverse. If your subwoofer is located anywhere else then try the phase switch in both positions and set it to the position that produces the strongest bass at your listening position. If the coils are wired out of phase on a dual voice coil subwoofer, damage can occur when signal from a amp is applied. Out of phase voice coils on a Dual Voice Coil subwoofer. To check your sub's phase, play music with lots of bass, listen for a minute or so, and have a friend sitting by the sub flip the sub's 0/180-degree phase switch slowly back and forth. Most subwoofers have a switch on the back that’s labelled ‘Phase’, and has positions of 0 and 180 degrees. Some subwoofer models do not feature a built-in test tone generator, so an 85 Hz test tone is useful to help set the phase adjustment correctly. Now, from a test CD or device app that offers pure test tones, select the track whose frequency is the same as the subwoofer’s crossover frequency. The subwoofer will have no output, and will not be moving. Some subwoofers offer variable phase which is adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees.


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