This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Delicious, Nick! When we are grilling for dinner there are usually many opinions for sides. These are full of bacon, cheese and spices, and they are easy to make while grilling the burgers and are a family favorite. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram. Grasp the edge of the plastic wrap furthest away from you and fold the top 8 burgers over the ones nearest to you. Thaw hamburger to fridge temperature. I decided we were going to make Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers with my Juicy Lucy Recipe. To make the burgers, combine the beef mince, egg, salt, smoked paprika and pepper in a large bowl and mix well. Use a quality thermometer to check the temp of the burgers before you pull them from the grill. You want all of the ingredients for these juicy lucy's to be cold. You can either put these toppings inside the burger or just use them to top your burger. If you haven't cooked bacon on your pellet grill, you're missing out. Cook the onion over medium heat for about 15 minutes in a tablespoon of garlic infused olive oil. They’ll shoot up in temp fast, about 5 more minutes is all it should take for the internal temp to get to 165. I like to glaze my bacon with some maple syrup, and then sprinkle it with brown sugar. Choose your cheese wisely, I used colby jack. Smoked Stuffed Hamburgers. Looking for something a little more simple? Let it smoke until the. Top the 8 squares nearest to you with equal amounts of bacon jam, caramelized onions and cheddar. Smoked Cheddar & Bacon Stuffed Hamburgers. When the bacon is done dice it, and place in the refrigerator. Form into 12 patties. Smoked Meat Recipes and Tips to Help You Create Mouthwatering Barbecue On a Pellet Smoker. Required fields are marked *. Here are some tips for doing it by hand! Now you and I know that statement isn’t true. Bacon cheddar cheese stuffed burgers cheese stuffed burgers juicy lucy beer can burgers caveman keto cheese stuffed burgers juicy lucy smoked cheddar bacon stuffed. Cover with another patty and seal the edges. Seriously. Don’t judge me. Make two hamburger patties. Flatten another hamburger ball into a patty and place on top of the mixture. Once the onions and bacon are chilled remove them from the fridge, along with the blue cheese crumbles, and shredded white cheddar. Line a cookie sheet with foil, and then make 8 equally sized balls using all of the burger. I was a little concerned with how thin the Snake River Farms hamburger patties were, but that turned out not to be an issue. This helps the hamburger to be more pliable. Mix it all together with a wooden spoon. While this isn’t a hard method, if you want to make things a little easier and make them look a little more uniform in size, then I would try this handy tool that Cuisinart makes. One stuffed with melted, gooey cheese, obviously. No Joke. It’s easy to eat all of it in one sitting! This Juicy Lucy Recipe creates a hamburger that is moist and flavorful with every bite. Try my Traeger Grilled Stuffed Burgers tonight. . Make sure you’re not hungry when you make the bacon. I also love a toasted bun on any burger. These Smoked Burgers hit the spot EVERY TIME. He's not. I love to use different spices and you can really go unique in this area. Place some the shredded cheese on top of the burger patty. When that temp hits 155 add a slice of cheese and let it melt while the burgers finish. Even the kids like this tuna. Easy and flexible, you really can make this one you own. Onion salt, garlic salt, Johnny’s seasoning salt to make this easy. Carefully press down the edge of the top patty into the bottom, eliminating the seam. The bacon goes on the smoker for about two hours at 225 degrees. Not that these smoked burgers stuffed with cheese were terrible. If you are like me and love bacon on or in your burger, then try my Traeger Bacon. Make sure you're not hungry when you make the bacon. Be sure to keep the mixture away from the edges. You want all the ingredients for these burgers to be cold, so place the onions in the fridge while the bacon finishes cooking. I recommend using a hamburger press here. I assume you melt them right before taking them off the grill or you don’t use them at all based on the image? Not an onion ring fan? Place the onions in the fridge while the bacon finishes cooking. Gently mix together the ground beef, salt, and onion & garlic powder. Be sure to keep the mixture away from the edges. Form into 12 patties. I started Smoked Meat Sunday to share my passion with the world and teach people just how easy it can be to create delicious food on a pellet grill. Served with a side of pesto-infused potatoes and cauliflower, this was definitely one of my better recipe fails. The burger mixture should be wet. The hamburger press makes this process super simple. … The burger mixture should be wet. Place on the grill grate, and grill for 7-8 minutes, and then flip the burger and grill an additional 5 minutes before placing the cheese on. Traeger Smoked Burgers – The Gourmet Juicy Lucy, Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers AKA Gourmet Juicy Lucy. It also is perfect with my Chorizo Breakfast Tacos. These burgers are are very delicious! If you don’t have a handy burger press, you can still make a fabulous Juicy Lucy. Either way, people make their way out to enjoy these fabulous unique burgers all year long. Repeat this process for the other three burgers, and then wrap each burger individually in saran wrap, and place in the fridge. My wife agreed. Flatten one of the balls until it’s a patty about 1/4″ in thickness. In a second large bowl, combine your burger, and egg. Traeger Grilled Vegetable Bisque | Veggie Tray Soup, Click here for more awesome Traeger Recipes.


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