So naturally, we had to create a recipe that turned one of our best items into an even better meal. Quick and Easy Cambodian Style Salmon Cake – a simple pantry recipe that can be made only in 10 minutes, it is perfect for your simple meals. Ingredients 1 lb 5oz of Salmon paste 2 eggs 2 tablespoon of red curry Also, my husband and I thought that the sauce was a bit too strong for the salmon cake. I want to try an Asian flavor salmon cake — your recipe would be a great takeoff place for that as well. I found the original recipe a little bland and dry but the ideas this recipe spawned lead me to this. Another "keeper" recipe from You need very little of it, if any at all. It’s a great Salmon cakes are usually a way to use leftover cooked salmon. If you've had Trifecta salmon, you know it's arguably one of the most delicious things we offer. Porky — January 23, 2013 @ 4:12 pm Reply Haven’t had these in a long time. The salmon cake recipe came together easily and the warm up directions worked well since there’s only 2 of us! This recipe was perfect for use with the frozen salmon we get from a distributor that delivers to our home. This recipe made me decide that I am a salmon cake lover. The cakes were delish! This was a dish that previously did not really excite me: although not anti-salmon croquette, I just did not see the big deal about them. These are so good that you may find yourself cooking up some salmon just to make them. If nothing else, you may as well cook up an extra filet or two to make them You need very little of it, if any at all. Fried salmon cakes filled with green onions and fresh dill weed.


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