They still represent great value and leave you free to sit back and enjoy watching them grow! For information on our plant sizes and how to care for your new plants, see our plug plant care guide. You'll receive your plants by post at the right time for planting to ensure that you get the most from them. Spring and Summer Bedding Plants including Begonia, Busy Lizzie, Petunias, Geraniums, Lobelia, Marigolds, Pansies and Salvias. Plug plants give great value for money and months of pleasure. Pack of 60. They’re also useful for filling in gaps in perennial borders, where they will flower non-stop all summer. £14.99. Annual plant plugs need to be grown on in a greenhouse for a couple of months until they have reached a good size and for spring bedding plants, until the risk of frost has passed. Will certainly be back. I have to say I have never had such success in the garden. With our trays of Viola Mixed 40's or Viola Mixed 350 plug plants you will have an abundance of autumn/winter colour in baskets, tubs and borders. Suttons has a full range of popular and specialist varieties for all seasons, to suit your needs. More Info. FREE delivery on orders over £50 REQUEST a Free Catalogue CHOOSE when your plants are delivered OUR Story . These top quality maxi plug plants will provide you with a great range of flowers to create a beautiful summer display. Don't forget your plug plant growing on essentials £15.99. When they are ready they should be hardened off gradually before introducing them to outdoor conditions. From a bygone era, the Victorians started competing to have the best and most colourful gardens in the UK, and today competition has never been so fierce. Our lucky dip collection includes healthy plants from our superb bedding plant range. Bacopa Topia Mixed (Garden Ready) Pack of 30. The value is superb - each plant costs as little as 9p! Garden ready plugs are raised by us from seed and grown into 9cm plugs. We have many summer bedding plants to choose from than the usual petunias and marigolds. Visit Van Meuwen now for great offers on a wide range of bedding plants, plug plants and tubers. Bedding plants come in all shapes and sizes, plug plants and potted varieties. ", “I bought all my seeds, potatoes, etc. > Autumn & Winter Bedding Plants > Violas. Sort By: Most Popular Date Added Name A-Z Name Z-A Price Low > High Price High > Low Review Rating Review Count Take a look at our full range annual bedding plant plugs and tubers for sale online below. OUT OF STOCK. "Very impressed with the quality of leek and broad bean seeds you sent. You will need to pot them on, which will take a little care, but you know how many plants you will get. © 2020 Van Meuwen. Your plugs will need potting on into a 9 or 10cm pot and growing on in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. We recommend that you keep your plug plants quite dry in the early stages of growing to encourage root growth. More Info. The best thing about bedding plants is the boost of colour they bring to your garden displays. OUT OF STOCK. Extra Value Plugs are our best value plants and come in packs of 45. All rights reserved. Collections are extra value plug plants of a mix from twelve varieties chosen from our Devon nursery, so you can enjoy the element of surprise! 284448. They're an ideal way to save time and will help you to quickly fill your borders and beds with strong, healthy plants. They will be delivered to you when they are ready to plant in the ground and will provide a great kick start to your summer bedding … ", “I am compelled to write to you and your staff for the exemplary service provided by your company, in an age where the word and term ‘service’ has lost its meaning.”, Suttons, Woodview Road, Paignton, Devon TQ4 7NG. Violas. With plants suitable for hanging baskets, pots and containers you’ll find a great variety to choose from. VAT No 158 9318 27, Pick & Mix - Extra Value, Value & Garden Ready Plugs. A division of BVG Group Ltd. Bedding plants offer a decorative display for flower borders, hanging baskets, beds and more! Registered in England and Wales No. Our nursery fresh plants are supplied in specially designed blister packs with a robust box sleeve to make sure they get to you nursery fresh and ready to plant. Colourful and floriferous, annual bedding plants are a terrific addition to plant pots, hanging baskets and summer beds and borders. Garden Ready Plug Plants have been grown on to the point where they are ready to plant in your garden once the danger of frost has passed. They need to be kept at a minimum of 7 degrees celsius. Our Super Plugs and Potted Plants feature some of the highest quality varieties, which are nurtured from cuttings and can transform your patio containers and hanging baskets. Annual bedding plants are a colourful and floriferous addition to patio containers, hanging baskets, summer beds and borders. Each pack of plants contains 15 Garden Ready Plugs. From trailing to upright varieties, and dwarf to tall, you’re sure to find something to suit your summer garden in our great value range. Bedding plants have a long flowering season and this makes them perfect for growing in baskets or containers, beds or borders or window boxes. Basket Lovers Collection (Garden Ready) Pack of 120. The value is superb - each plant costs as little as 9p! We offer bedding plants for shade or sunnier spots, all in a variation of sized plug plants and an array of potted plants to complement your space. ... Take a look at our full range annual bedding plant plugs … This has to be the most economical way to fill even large beds, baskets and containers with colour, making it easy to transform your outside space. You will need to pot them on, which will take a little care, but you know how many plants you will get. Excellent germination and look forward to a bumper crop. Brookside Nursery sell mail order plug plants, bedding plants, basket plants, perennials and vegetable plants direct from our nurseries in Tamworth. The germination was excellent; the quality of plant stock and produce is superb. £26.98. We’ve germinated the seeds and grown them into small plants. Pack of 60. We’ve germinated the seeds and grown them into small plants. For help and inspiration take a look at our articles on How to plant hanging baskets and containers and Vertical Gardening. OUT OF STOCK. All available as plug plants. Aster Asteroids Mixed (Garden Ready) Pack of 30. Our range includes stunning varieties such as Viola Honeybee and Viola Bel Viso F1 Pineapple Crush. A number of different tray and cell sizes will allow you to choose the item and stage of maturity that … £39.96. More Info. Also look out for great plug plant offers throughout the spring season on our Special Offers page and view our Top 10 plug plants article for further information on the varieties we offer. Our Extra Value plug plants trays contain extra cells – over and above the stated quantity – so you will usually receive a few extra plants, even if some cells are empty. Extra Value Plugs are our best value plants and come in packs of 45. £24.98. from your catalogue last year for my new ‘larger’ vegetable garden. Plugs and liners are grown to order, and you can choose from thousands of varieties of annuals and perennials for bedding plant, container and cut flower sales. These plug plants are supplied as jumbo plugs with a 3.5cm root ball.


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