You’re the one requesting the meeting, so the only responsibility your prospect should have is to agree, and show up. Does that work for you? Subject: Meeting: ABC software custom features review. They’ll have fewer questions about the meeting, and will be better able to make an informed decision. So there’s little point in sending a similar email but with a much less compelling offer. See you Thursday Like and review us on Facebook Scheduling a meeting. The following is a sample list of the best subject lines to request a meeting. Figure out what your product can do for that category of customer, and reference it in your emails. If possible you can give me an appointment And offering an incentive, such as a business lunch or coffee, may encourage more people to say ‘yes’ to a meeting. Here’s another template you can edit for your own use: Hi Mike, My name is Kyle, and I’m the Director of Sales for Career Services Inc. You’ve worked hard choosing who to target, getting their contact information, finding meeting dates, times, and locations, and writing your message. Which emails are they best suited for use in? For B2B sellers, LinkedIn is a gold mine for prospecting. You should also let them know up front how long you expect the meeting to last. A surprise awaits you I hope that on Thursday we can talk about taking on more responsibility for the company. Open the subject line of the email, increase the chances of clicking and responding to your email. So it is not unexpected that a significant number of power words in our rundown are either casual or exclusive. They can also make your credibility take a hit. You want to give your manager a heads up about what will happen to the meeting, so he knows both what to expect and how much time you have to allocate for the meeting. If that meeting works for you, let me know at the end of the day. In addition, limiting the subject line to just three or four words results in the highest response rate. Please confirm your presence for an urgent meeting We urge you to attend a meeting on Saturday. Rex Bibertson shared a few tips with me in a recent video call. Special thanks for scheduling a meeting with the CEO See you today at 4 o’clock. Bottom line: when done right, automation can be your secret weapon in booking more meetings. Not only do B2B buyers respond to personalization, they’ve also come to expect it. Every day there are so many meetings that are arranged and held. See Robert from your school I have some ideas about how you could implement {{helpful related topic or resource}}, and I think that I might be able to help you out. Your decision on our partnership is awaited If social media and phone are a part of your outreach cadence (keep reading to find out why you should be), you can include those touchpoints in your outreach cadences as well with Mailshake Sales Engagement. There are many samples of email subject lines that are discussed below. Follow up for meetings from the Small Business Expo Talking to your supporters on a specific date or telling them that they are being welcomed to share in an unusual way can be a solid strategy. [Your Company] + [Their Company] Meeting? Subject lines are the single most important part of your email, but all too often, they’re treated like an afterthought. Would you be able to meet at your office or ours next Thursday at 11 a.m.? It would be great if you come to a meeting with the sales manager tomorrow Optimize your copy and overall outreach strategy by AB testing different subject lines, body copy, and full campaign sequences. What are the Different Functions of Entrepreneur? Studies show that 50% of sales happen after the fifth follow up, but 44% of salespeople stop reaching out after the first attempt. When personalizing, do your research in batches. I noticed you have several positions to fill in your company, and I’d love to set up a meeting with you to see if a potential collaboration might benefit us both. Connection is the pronoun of the extended effect. If they have to spend time figuring out what you want, the answer will likely be ‘no’. Once the goal email for your meeting request is set up with your manager, make sure you ask for an answer. Same goal, same information. Ensure your attendance for an emergency meeting Confirm your attendance at the meeting But you should absolutely use them as creative inspiration. Please include the reason for a meeting.


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