A mattress that is too soft may cause your spine to become misaligned, so you want something that is in the medium firmness range. People 130-230 pounds are better suited, while people under 130 pounds are best suited. Like the CF1000, this comes in medium firmness. Once you place your order on Serta’s website, a member from their shipping company, XPO Logistics, will reach out to you to schedule the delivery. If you purchased your iComfort from another retailer, you must reach out to them to handle returns. Ratings are based on a combination of owner experience data, previous-model ratings and the estimate of Sleep Like The Dead. At least 7% of owners report their mattress acting as a heat trap – with soft, pillow-top models having the most potential to sleep hot. Also see the innerspring mattress reviews and the mattress comparison as well as the information below to learn how Serta compares to competition. In regard to durability / longevity, Sertapedic is often best suited for child use or light adult use. Initially, they are often effective at (back, hip and shoulder) pain relief. 7% of owners report noteworthy off gassing / initial odor. When you call Serta, they will walk you through the exchange process, place your new order over the phone, and charge the difference or return the difference to your payment method. Serta has had 139 complaints filed against it in the past three years which is about average for a mattress manufacturer of its size. All iSeries® Hybrid mattresses are compatible with adjustable foundations. Once you place your order on. This article will take a look at several top-rated latex hybrid mattresses, each with its own advantage. Perfect Sleeper. Underneath that is a unique memory foam layer with carbon fiber to promote cooling, strength, and back support. At least 24% of these owners report a sagging problem. Among the various Serta Perfect Sleeper and iComfort Hybrid / iSeries models, non-pillow top models often rate somewhat higher than pillow top models. No commission • No endorsements • Based on owner experiences • Since 2008 • More. Do not apply any type of liquids to the mattress because they can potentially stain the fabric and make the stain worse. Models with gel foam may provide a cooling benefit; in fact, about 2% of owners report sleeping too cold. Also see the mattress guide for large and small people. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); THE BAD: Fair-at-best owner satisfaction and durability / lifespan (like innerspring beds in general) • noise & poor motion isolation possible from cheaper models. Sertapedic. This is largely due to Serta (like innerspring beds in general) having somewhat worse longevity / durability than the average mattress. produces has been carefully designed to provide an exceptional experience for the sleeper, and because of that. Sertapedic, Perfect Sleeper and iComfort Hybrid / iSeries are rated compared to the average mattress in the table below. Serta Company Ratings If you’re a particularly hot sleeper, this is the model for you. Introducing us to such innovations as the Sertapedic, the Pillow Soft mattress, and the first ever continuous coil innerspring, Serta has never stopped demonstrating its knowledge and expertise in mattress design. Read full disclosure statement. Retailers should, however, be able to provide you with at least basic specifications of the models they sell to help you comparison shop. As a result, limited long-term owner experience data available. Another option if you’re unhappy with your mattress is to consider an exchange. It should be noted that Perfect Sleeper durability / longevity appears to have improved somewhat in the past few years. Similar to back sleepers, we recommend stomach sleepers go with one of the more supportive iComfort models, like the CF3000 or CF4000 firm. Off Gassing Odor Given the construction, people of all sizes are potentially well suited for it. It has a variety of options that change the thickness and firmness of the mattress … The next layer is made of Carbon Fiber Memory Foam to channel heat away from your body and to support your back and neck. Serta innerspring mattresses overall have 64% owner satisfaction – a rate similar to that of innerspring mattresses as a group but lower than that of all mattresses. Serta Innerspring Mattress Ratings – Summary , which conforms to your body’s curves for additional comfort. Are you a side sleeper? Serta offers hybrid and innerspring mattresses that are currently available in two different mattress series. Sleep quality tends to be average to somewhat above average as about 20% of owners report less tossing / turning and or more restful, efficient sleep. Tired of waking up with a bad case of the night sweats? Serta tends to provide about average customer support, owner experience data suggests. A mattress with good motion isolation is couple friendly in that it keeps movement localized so as to not disturb one's partner. With the iComfort line, we recommend the CF4000’s, , which moves with your body and contours around it to alleviate. The foam inside the mattress can break down prematurely if exposed to chemicals or moisture, so we recommend that you use a mattress protector. The Perfect Sleeper, especially models with continuous coil support, tend to rate somewhat above average on this issue mainly because of their bounce effect. (See. google_ad_height = 90; The Serta iComfort CF1000 is a good fit for: The Serta iComfort CF3000 is a good option for: The Serta iComfort CF4000 is well suited for: Side sleepers need mattresses that will conform to their body to keep pressure off their hips and shoulders and to promote spinal alignment. Both models have Cool Touch covers to deliver cool-to-touch sensation. Serta will arrange to have your mattress picked up and removed from your home. But the flip side is that they can leave you feeling sinking or stuck-in the memor… iComfort Hybrid / iSeries. Next is 3” of. iComfort Hybrid mattresses are a made with gel-memory foam providing the conforming layers on top. Back sleepers need firmer mattresses that prevent their head, feet, and hips from sinking. THE COMPANY: Serta Inc. – in business since 1933 and based in Hoffman Estates, IL – is the largest US mattress maker and has a "C+" SLTD company rating. iComfort mattresses use only the best materials to ensure your body gets the support it needs. In case of a stain, we recommend adding baking soda to the soiled area and letting it sit for approximately 15 minutes.


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