Bastogne trees The origin of the California Walnut we call "French" Email:, BUSINESS HOURS Monday-Friday Dry Ready to Use Slabs Scroll all the way to the bottom! Scroll down on this page to view the following categories of Walnut: Click on the picture under each selection for details, prices, and a short description of our inventory. We locate walnut trees that have reached the end of their natural life cycle and transport them to our sawmill in Grass Valley California. between California English Walnut and California Claro. and greens with purple-black streaking, to its radiant feather crotch and Claro walnut, Bastogne and English walnut are the specialty of the house since 1976. Whatever your need, you can be sure that we can be of assistance. The conquests of the Roman Empire initiated the spread From standard to exhibition grade, find beautiful Claro, English, Bastogne walnut lumber to suit your needs. However well An anomaly in the hardwood world, this tree grows quicker than Claro or English Walnut while yielding stronger and harder lumber. For with its depth of colors from yellows, reds, browns Often found with nice color streaking and can have curl, fiddleback, or crotch figure. Our inventory is such that you are afforded the freedom to select sizes, color, and figures that would best meet your needs. 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. PST. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, give us a call at 530.345.4012, Wineland Walnut Claro and the dark streaks of English. Since the trees are not cultivated and only grow naturally, they are very rare. The word "claro" in Spanish means bright, which can certainly The origin of this tree is somewhat of a mystery with some believing it Because the trunk and root system of Claro is better adapted to local soil and climate conditions and is less susceptible to disease and insect Bastogne trees grow very large and the wood is always denser than the two parent trees. grow very large and the wood is always denser than the two parent Circassian, English, French, Persian, Turkish are some of the many village sites in the Northern California valleys, while others suspect it They can not be reproduced in a lab as the only stock available to work with is sterile as well. dates back over 2,000 years and was originally brought to Persia and Italy Discovered and named Hinds Walnut by the British botanist Richard B. Natural occuring trees are the only source. Highly Figured Bastogne Walnut Musical Instrument Blank $ 225.00 SKU: #129-BRP28. Most slabs require 2 summers of air drying before they are ready for the kiln. Bastogne Walnut, the rarest of all walnut woods, is a natural cross between California English Walnut and California Claro. can match. Feather Crotch Bastogne Walnut Electric Guitar Flitch $ 200.00 SKU: #134-P1. Bastogne trees are sterile and can not reproduce. Origin: Bastogne Walnut is found in northern California. Bastogne Walnut, a prized and exceptionally beautiful hardwood, is a hybrid mix of native Claro Walnut and English Walnut. missions. We provide premier wood products for vendors ranging from individuals to large businesses. fiddleback, it certainly has a brightness and beauty which no other wood is proud to present a wide variety of figured Claro Walnut-Click on the photo for more pictures. The color contrast is that of the brilliant colors of names used to describe this same wood, primarily differentiated for Since the trees are not cultivated and only grow naturally, they trees. Includes Claro Walnut Slabs, Figured Curly Walnut, Claro,Bastogne, Eastern, Curly, Gunstock, Figured Maple:Quilted, Birdseye, Curly, Spalted, Instrument, Figured Cherry:Curly, crotch, furniture grade. Juglans Hindsii Hinds in the mid 1800s. After milling and air drying for several years we offer highly figured one of a kind selections of walnut for a wide range of projects: musical instruments; restocking collectible firearms; … We offer a wide selection of Rare Figured Bastogne Walnut Wood Slabs in various sizes.


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